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I Saw KITEMAN last week..... Answered

During my vacation last week, the wife and I were out at a local restaurant that had a little "tourist trap shop" in it, and we stopped in to look around.

Man was I surprised to see that Kiteman had been modeling for a stuffed doll they were selling.

As soon as I saw it, I just knew I had to "get a picture of it" (it was nearly $50, so buying it was out of the question).

I only had my phone with me, so no High def pictures, but I was able to capture him, one half at a time, in two photos I have attached. . .

For those NOT familiar with Kiteman, I have linked to a Guide To Kiteman.


Never thought to see so much hair on Kiteman, well at least his upper lip that is.

yeah, that'll happen a year after he retires.....it is a "looking forward" doll :-)

when it leaves the top of the head it has to go somewhere. the common belief is that you don't go bald, the hair just sucks back into you scalp, then re-emerges through your ears and nostrils (that's not a mustache, it's nose hair)

actually, i think that one is mostly back hair...there's no way he had that much hair on his head to begin with

either that or a catepillar took up residence in there....

Haha - the things other people get up to when I'm in bed...

(Quietly steals catchphrase)

Yeah, I had nearly forgotten that I had taken that photo last week (you probably wish I had forgotten LOL) but somehow, I can just picture you in a plaid work shirt after work hours in your shed....and now I don't have to imagine it....:-)

He looks a little old... But hey! Now Kiteman will know what he'll look like in 20 years (I'd say 10, but I wouldn't want to be offensive)! :)

That it was (a bit on the elderly side), and one other thing, he seemed to be frowning, and that is uncharacteristic of Kiteman also. BUT in my defense, I was on "vacation" at the time :-)