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I Was Just Wondering... Answered

Just Wondering What Will Happen If Your Country Is Not Allowed To Enter

Will Your Instructable Not Get Entered And You Get A Email, Or Will You Have To Read The List Of Country's?


Instructables HQ does not have a method for contacting an author if they are from a country where the site cannot legally run contests. It is possible that staff would accept an entry even though it originated from a country where they have yet to get legal clearance to run contests. You'll need to check the list.

If your country is not on the list (or, worse, unlikely to ever be on the list -- Quebec, Italy), staff doesn't know that until you win a prize and provide your shipping address. If you follow Kiteman's advice, you can simply list your friend as your shipping address.

They contact winners for their mailing addresses, so things get complicated at that point if your country is not eligible.

My (unofficial) advice is to cultivate friends or relatives in an eligible country. If you win, you can give their address as yours, then your friend/relative can mail the prize to you, or you can go and get it, depending on geography.


Please email us at service@instructables.com if you need any more help!