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I Was On Fi'yah! Answered

I was messing around with some alchol (that is me)

After my sister stopped recording, I accidently sprayed my hand with my fireball. It was cool, for like two seconds my hand was wrapped in evil blue flames. I was wondering if I poured alchol on my hand and lit it would I burn myself? I thought it would be cool if I could come running out the shed with my hands on fire and scare the frat boy neighbours.


I also once had a youtube account, I posted videos of some of my homemade guns and a few explosives,and some how to's, but my account got suspended due to "Illigal Activity". I got pissed off. I mean, why would they delete my account and allow other videos of people shooting their homemade shotguns continue?

Yeah,ever since Google bought youtube they have been deleting awesome vids.Like the sodium chlorate howto.

don't forget how to make bunsen burners from stovetop...
wait, i think that was on metacafe

Holy crap man, you posted how to make shotgun on YouTube? I kid where I live shot himself in the arm with a shotgun he saw how to make on youtube His parents sued Youtube and they had to take the user and videos down. I'm wondering if there's a connection...

Oh yah, the kid had loaded a deer slug backwards, he nearly lost his arm.

How is it possible to load a deer slug backwards?
And how is it possible to fire it?


Maybe he put like one in the right way and put another one in backwards, and then clogged the end. Or maybe he threw some shotgun shells into a fire.

These things are generally designed so that they only go in one way (the right way). L

Bump ancient topics that make me look like a n00b much?

I didn't bump this - look above me! L

...And it came to pass that Nate was darned to a place that we shall call "heck".

Hey i just found out that you like Corvettes too! (i read your profile) I've loved corvettes over most other cars just because i like to be different and not be a typical guy that wants a Ferrari(?). Over where i live every once in awhile you'll see someone driving a Ferrari down the autobahn at outrageous speeds.

it's what the ~~stereotypical dumb blonde~~ investigative reporter said happened...

a deer slug?!?!?! whoa, that is one stupid kid. hu, just the thought, shooting your self in the arm with such i high power weapon.

Yes, I did post a video on how to make a homemade shotgun, though, I have no idea on how that kid could have shot himself with it by loading it backwards.

As said before, the news said he loaded it backwards, wether that's true or not is uknown.

Hehe, stupid Anglo 27 year ld males.

He didn't use to hunt. He shot himself in the park while he was test firing. I haven't got a clue how it fired, they said he had loaded it backwards. Stupid reporters never get anything right, so he might have loaded it correctly.

yeah there are people who show themselves doing illegal stuff but nothing happens to them. sometimes youtube really annoys me! - especailly that you cant even put 3 or more 'w's in a comment!!!!

. Things like the last two pics of your fuse Instructable might have had something to do with it. Just guessing.

Ya, actually that was my first, the ones I had on youtube were bigger, and much more deadly. It included oned that sot out shrapnel.. lots and lots of shrapnel,propane bombs, and MAPP bombs, and a few machine guns based on P.A Luty's designs. BUT STILL, there are many people on youtube that have videos of pipe bombs going off, there is even one user that made a video of him making steel pipe bomb, so why didn't youtube suspend them?

. In the words of Floyd Bacle, "Don't ask me no Why questions - I dunno Why. Just because. Same for 'How come...' questions."


11 years ago

I got through a whole can of butane in my *shared* shed once. Including hairspray and duck oil.

..Burnt it all, fortunatly it wasn't noticed missing. Duck Oil is totally awesome stuff!

Duck Oil? Oil from waterfowl?

sorry for the poor quality but it's too bad.
invalid movie: http://video.google.co.uk/videoplay?docid=2190568498864549574

I'm disappointed no-one commented that my ignition source was on top of a jerry can. )':

Holy Crap! I've got to get some of that stuff. Is that your video?

Yes, :) too bad it's not displaying properly, you'll have to copy+paste the URL.

And there was me thinking that you where the sensible one Rocketscientist! :P

. What's on those shelves behind you in the vid?

The cardboard box is full of my pyro junk, and, gee, LOL everything else is containers of flammabe liquids. I had done this many times before (outside), so I wasn't to worried about catching the shed on fire.

Yeah...doing it inside a small shed full of flammable liquid is never a good idea.

It's not small, I'v got 4ft between me and the nearest flammable object.

4ft?! Ouch! A can of aerosol hairspray can shoot farther than that! Go outside!

Playing with fire in a shed, near combustibles, is never safe, no matter how you say it.

Wet hand sprinkled with powdered calcium carbide works alright for flaming hand effect (a few seconds of effect)..only the acetylene gas produced in the reaction is flammable, and the water on your hand gives a certain amount of protection.. But the reaction also produce heat (even without lighting it up), so BE CAREFUL .. I haven't try water-based gel, or lotion..but i think they should work as well

I don't know if I fancy the idea of acetylene gas rising from my hand... But this gives me an idea... Where do I get calcium carbide?

How was that kid able to shot himself with the homemade shotgun if the bullet was in reverse?

A. It's shell, not bullet. B. The news said he shot himself because he loaded it backwards, how reliable they are is negotaible.