I Went to White House Maker Faire! Answered


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Hello everyone!

Last week, I had to opportunity to go to the first ever White House Maker Faire!  It was an awesome experience overall, and I'm really happy I was able to be invited and attend.  A couple common themes were 3D Printing, and start-up companies.  It's safe to say that of the exhibit tables there, 30% or so had a 3D printer sitting on it.  There were quite a few start-up companies there as well, showing off everything from shoe/walking power generation to desktop milling machines.  The larger companies seemed to be represented by sending guests, as opposed to exhibiting at the Faire.  

Check out the first vlog I've ever made covering some of my thoughts on the Faire!  There's more pictures on my Facebook page as well! Check it out here: https://www.facebook.com/FozzTech
I had to use an ancient photo uploader.. one at a time was painful).

Are you guys as excited as I am that Maker culture got so much press because of this event!?


No problem; thank you for checking out my post!

Clearly, the future is CNC pancakes!

Can't argue with that! You've got to love shaped pancakes!