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I What is the easiest home made alcohol to make? Answered

So basically i kind of wanted to make a great tasting beverage, but also a hell of a lot of it. I made beer from a pack before but it tasted quite bad, due a plasticy taste which i wasn't quite sure about. Also i live in the countryside and i'm a watcher of 'river cottage', so i wouldn't mind suggestions along the way they do it, i.e getting the fruit/plant/vegetable from public land that i don't have to go to a shop and pay for. I have all the basics from my first attempt, but i wouldn't mind suggestions on types, and easy to avoid errors.


you mention "I made beer from a pack before but it tasted quite bad". Consider that making beer (and any brewing) is an art form with loads of variables, getting it right takes some time and patience.
If we were to break down the varieties of alcohol by basic types, we could for simplicity say that from the perspective of brewing, that it would probably go in this order of difficulty: wine, beer, distilling.
I believe that beer is more difficult because of the additional step of secondary fermentation, and the fact that you need to 'cook' the mash.
I guess what I'm trying to say is that everyone I have talked to has had troubles with their first few batches, you need to work with your equipment and understand the process.

That said, there really is no limit to the types of alcohol you can make from fruits, you can Google other people's recipes and alter them. The biggest thing to watch out for is the pH of your mixture. Along with the items frollard has suggested consider getting a pH stabilizer which will help bring your brew to an acidity that won't hamper fermentation.

Don't get discouraged, making mistakes is half the fun! Good luck!

Cider is pretty easy: multipack(s) of apple juice + yeast. L

wines and meads are easy enough - if you have the patience, time, and skills to follow instructions. You may need a few extra instruments - like a hydrometer, and those one-way bubbler spigots that let co2 out but dont let oxygen into the flasks. (not too expensive) When the time comes you'll need to filter homemade wine and bottle it, which you can rent the filter machine and bottle cleaning/filling/corking equipment from any winemaking store.

additional info: rhubarb, most berries, and various mixtures with other fruits/grapes make great wine :D

And right now is the perfect time for picking plums! Get making plum wine/brandy!

AAAAaaaand...a lot of people want rid of their excess harvest.