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I accidently powered my arduino from a wrong pin externally....please help me Answered

My arduino was working and after some time it stopped uploading and it would say

 "arvdude :verification error,first mismatch at byte 0x00000xc != 0x62
arvdude : verification error ; content mismatch"

so i tried troubleshooting but it didnt work so started to think what i did wrong and i remembered that i powered my arduino from 5v pin and ground when i should've powered from vin pin and ground.I think my arduino's fuse is gone but i am no pro at arduino i am quiet new.So can you please tell me how to how change my fuse.do i need to change my  ATmega328 chip or something else.if you think its not the fuse please tell me how to fix it .



You need a pre-programmed Atmega chip, but probably don't need to change the board - assuming that, when you plug it into your USB port, the board is "identified" properly by your computer.

People like Adafruit can supply the single chip,

or you can be brave and make a PC based programmer and burn your own.....its only very marginally cheaper for an amateur.

What voltage DID you power it with ?

The chip will run happily on 5V , and will probably tolerate 6V, I don't think you'll have bust it, but how soon after your "power supply issue" did it start to go wrong ?? I get the sense that it wasn't immediately.

I stand by my original reply.

Have yo asked over at Arduino.cc? They are the experts. You could try reloading the bootloader, look for instructions at Arduino.cc. If that doesn't work I would try replacing the chip first since they are only a few bucks.

who do i ask at arduino.cc and can you tell me how to ask a question


6 years ago

but the led on the arduino lights up

You may well have broken it.