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I acquired 2 large x-rays of myself ...? Answered

(front and side view, neck to pelvis) with the idea of making some kind of light or light shade, but I'm shaky on design... suggestions?



Best Answer 9 years ago

I like mike's design - My friend's girlfriend is an xray lab tech, and she has a tonne of them (pics of her and classmates from university for xray lab techs). They make AWESOME window coverings. Other plan is make a light-box like doctor's style, and hang them flat on the wall. Cheap and forever: Use christmas led strings inside a box with a sheet of tissue or crepe paper over them to diffuse the light. They don't get hot and use tiny power.

thanks for the answer! i like the xmas light idea... i might have to try something with that (i already have the lights, and don't want to spend too much...) thanks again!

If you only have 2 x-rays I'd suggest a bowed design. Not sure how to describe it, but if you looked from teh top down it'd look like this: () Then just a simple base in the middle with a bulb (low heat, maybe a CFL).