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I already have a hydroponic greenhouse, but how do I start it? Answered



... what kind of hydroponic system? Is water delivered to the plant constantly, or at intervals? Does it have sprinklers, does it drip? Are the plant's roots dangling like a wick in sitting water, or is the water in motion? Does the unit have grow-lights, or is it designed to use natural light? If you have sprouts ready, that's great. If not-- you might want to get your seeds started. Without more information, all I can say is this-- place the unit somewhere it will receive plenty of natural light, or plug in your grow-lights. Prime the system with water, and make sure everything is running smoothly. Add your nutrient solution. (Need a simple formula? For every gallon of water, add two tablespoons of miracle gro, and one tablespoon of epsom salts.) Add your substrate. Make sure it's saturated, and add your sprouts. Now you can just let nature do the work for you.


9 years ago

It is'nt hard to start a hydroponic greenhouse. 1) Add fish. Try about 3 or 4 per 10 gallons. I not clear on this but too many will kill them. 2) Add plants. Check if fish eat them. If not, give fish food. 3) Check the water. Go to a pet shop and ask them to test your water. Take or add fish by the results. That should get you started. Good Luck!

Oh yah, you can just use nutrient enriched water by useing the liquid fertilizer stuff too. If so, do not use the fish.