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I am 13 years old and I need some help. Any tips? Answered



What kind of help do you need?


7 months ago

There is another way to interpret this. If the person is a 13 year old table waiter or busboy he is asking for additional tips for his work as he needs help because he doesn't earn that much.

If this is the correct interpretation, then I think my comment about waiting a year was somewhat insensitive.


Heres some tips

  • Never pet a burning dog.
  • Never trust an electrician with no eyebrows.
  • Never moon a werewolf.
  • Be sure to turn it on before calling technical support.
  • Pockets don't have to be just decorative, they're also good for putting
    stuff in: keys, wallets, bits of paper, loose change.. even hands.
  • Living with your mum until you're 40 will save you a fortune not only on
    rent, but also on expensive dates with attractive women.
  • Stale bread is a good substitute for toast and will save money on your electricity bill (so it's good for the planet too!)
  • + 1 on number 6 - I wish someone had told me when I was 13.

    I might add - disregard sell by and use by dates on food, if it smell Ok eats it. generations managed to survive befor the invention of sell by dates.


    8 months ago

    Yes, put a cup next to you sitting on a busy sidewalk and wait for tips..

    BTW my glass ball is at the polishers for a week and I cannot read your mind if you want tips about an ible, schematic or a girl ?

    But you can leave another comment and tell us what is on your mind :-)

    Not likely to work if your 13!

    Nope. Not without more information.

    I am 68 and still need help.!

    And I would if I could but I'm a lustrum older :-)

    Wait a year.

    I mean, that will fix the problem of you being 13 years old, because then you'll be 14.