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I am Getting Insanely pathetic Speeds When i download something.? Answered

I Downloaded a 4MB file,and The speed started at almost a meg per second,and very quickly dropped down to as low as 400 Bytes per second,its Was telling me i have 23 hours and 40 minutes left! I stopped the download and tried again. This Is pathetic,It loads Webpages almost instantly,I Tried Connecting to a neighbors wireless,but still,1Kb download speeds. What is going on? And You know what is even more pathetic? This Image Uploaded IN less than a Half second.


I have the same problem. Download speeds drop 50%. I blame it on Microsuck.

Why Do you Blame it on them?(Also,Someone Else Called Them MicroSh*t,And Macintosh Crapintosh,Laugh out loud)

Microsoft programs are so bad. They crash all the time. W95, 98, ME, 2000, XP .... I have found them all to be garbage. I found that Apple computers crash as much as Windows. I tried Bee... crap I tried Linux... Ok if it installs correctly. ~bob~

I am Using firefox by the way, Nothing to do with Microsoft...

Reading frollard, I suspect that this started and then stopped - problem with the site you were downloading from or general lost connection. The declining speed and increasing time came about from the app' repeatedly recalculating based upon what you had downloaded with respect to how long it had been going.


some web browsers, like firefox, already start downloading when you are choosing where you want to save the file. Then the file gets added to the download window. It shows that 1 second has elapsed, and x% of the file is already done - so the speed is calculated on the fly as 'huge' -- Then it averages down to the real speed. 10k/s isn't terrible. Definitely could be a problem with your internet, or the server. If webpages load quickly, then its the server's problem. use something like www.speedtest.net to find your bandwidth. 8 megabit per second downstream is 1 megabyte per second. 10k/s is 80 kilobit - not very fast.

It is very pathetic!

It might speed up if you leave it alone though.

What Do you mean Leave it alone? Also,I Just realized that this is not a question,I meant to post it as a topic,Oops...

Its Mad Eh?

Now I restarted,and I am Getting 1Meg speeds again,Pretty weird huh?