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I am a willing project Answered

Hi am new to this site and was wondering if anyone could help me. For Halloween I am off to a gothic club and as I'll be doing a few things to help out its been requested that I go as a zombie. Is there anyone willing to use me as a model to test on?! Am also asking because I do no trust anyone I know to do a half decent job.



9 years ago

I think the best idea would be to either do it yourself, or just ask a best friend to help. There's only really a handful of active UK instructable members, and then when sorted out, distance, experience it gets kinda slim. However there are Zombie make-up Instrctables! Search!

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I think sleeping the night before will be in order sadly as its a 12 hour stint and I will have to work as well. Otherwise great idea. Does anyone know of good make up artists in the UK near London who can do this sort of thing?


9 years ago

What state are you in?

Would have loved to help, a bit to far a way for me in California though lol.

Unfortunately we're in San Francisco! Perhaps it would help to re-title your post "Seeking UK zombie make-up artist"?

ok, im trying to think through the fellow uk iblers, i know, and im struggling to think of one thats had any experiance with zombie making. I have used liquid latex to create fake skin before tho.

If you dont manage to find some one, you could easily do it yourself. that's half the fun. This site has several easy to follow examples. You will find many more on the net.. Last year I didn't even realise it was halloween until children started turning up... Within 5 minutes I had transformed myself into a Zombie, with only the use of PVA glue and a helping of tomatoe sauce. Isn't fantastic but looked a treat. Try some, take some water based PVA glue spread it onto the back of your hand. Wait for it to dry then rub it... Instant peeling flesh... Just keep building the layers of pva until you have developed a thickness of peeling skin. If your going to a club then undoubtabley it will be dark and will cover up the limitations of PVA.. Experiment, it fun!! Good Luck!

die your hair black and make your skin real pain

If you're close I say force the 'ible staff to do it, they're zombie make-up looked great... If you have a look at some of the zombie 'ibles that might help, combine some good make-up with heavy drinking the night before the party and it'll be really convincing...