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I am a winner for the HALLOWEEN Photo Editing But have not heard from INSTRUCTABLES Answered

Hi all,

I am still new to the site, so not sure how some things work.
I am a winner in the Halloween Photo Editing, but have not been 
informed by INSTRUCTABLES that I have been, nor have they contacted
me for an address to send my prize to.  I contacted a site intern via her
page two days ago and have not heard from her either.

I do not even know how to contact them for an answer on this.
Can someone please direct me to how to claim my prize, or how
to even be informed that I have been.

This is the instructable....

And this is showing me as one of the winners...

Thank you for your assistance,



any idea on how or when the prizes will be shipped? and please don't send them UPS...it would cost more in fake fees than to buy a new one.

We're catching up on a lot of contest stuff from over the weekend. Please don't worry, we haven't forgotten about you. You should get a notification by the end of the day Tuesday. If you don't, please let me know.

You should get a PM soon from somebody at HQ asking for your postal details.

It's the weekend now - if you don't get contacted on Monday, drop an email to service@instructables.com.