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I am building Tom McWire's Stepper motor controller, Where Do I wire everything up to? Answered

I am no good at reading schematics and I got the diodes, MOSFETS, and IC SOckets in place.
I think I can figure out everything EXCEPT the steppers and the Light Bulbs.
Also, what kind of motors do I need? 
Thanks Oodles, 


What can't you understand ? You seem to have done the tricky bit !


 Yes. Where do I hook up the steppers? I was using the image with the black background in his instructables

Yes, that's not terribly clear is it ? Just look at the point where the diodes meet the transistors, there is a pad there for one winding on the motor per transistor


If you are working from a specific instructable, you should post your question in the comments there.  That way the author and other people who are building them will see it.  If you post in the general questions area, the author may never see it.