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I am building a beer pong table with lights inside that are all music responsive. What suggestions are there for this? Answered


 I had thought up the same idea as nikon dork, but i was thinking of using two fluorescent lights and a ballast. and for some color, some clear cellophane gift wrap right underneath the polycarb


8 years ago

i would just go with sound reactive cold cathode computer lights, and a small power supply, simple and cheap

Ok, so I thought about your project last night when I first read this question. How cool would it be to build a frame much like a giant picture frame, sized to a beruit (beer pong) table, make the play area out of maybe 1/4" or 3/8" polycarb. You could diffuse it by sanding the bottom surface, painting, stencils, or even sandblasting or a combination of these ideas. then below that are your lights. Your options for lighting this thing are varied by how much you wanna spend. You could go el-cheap-o with the lights and use Christmas lights, Ive seen Christmas lights with a built-in music controllers. Or El-wire, Ropelight, LED's or if money is no object you can make your own harness with Phillips Luxeon Star RGB series LEDs (these are specialized high output/high intensity LED clusters with a red, green, and blue LED on each unit. It requires a complex wiring harness and circuit design, The great thing about RGB LEDs are that they can produce hundreds of colors by indivisually adjusting all three channels at the same time. As for making a kit to make the lights change with music is beyond me.

we think alike this is the project im working on right now im using the atmega128 with arduino bootloader to control multiple rgb leds as well as 24 music responsive blue leds. if you want to work together on this give me a shout we can share design ideas. Medic@consultant.com