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I am building a cabinet for xbox / dvd player etc, and want to install fans with a heat sensitive activation switch. Answered

I have two sensors that state "MAX 500mA" and the power supply is 1000 mA. I would like to run 2 or 3 computer fans from each sensor.

Would I have to wire the sensors in series or in parallel in order to avoid damaging them or does it depend on the load of the fans...?

The parts that I have used....
Sensor - http://www.conrad-uk.com/ce/en/product/117323/Conrad-temperature-controlled-DC-fan-regulator/SHOP_AREA_17362&promotionareaSearchDetail=005

DC Power Supply - http://www.qvsdirect.com/12-Volt-1-12-Watt-LED-Driver-pr-24634.html


Components only draw the amperage they need. Using a power source that provides more amperage isn't going to hurt anything.

Depends on the load of the fans.

I was planning on using 3 fans per circuit, each fan having a draw of .16 A... However, the amperage isnt enough to start the fans properly, they require a little nudge before they start turning, which is obviously unsuitable for inside a cabinet...

Therefore, I am now using two fans per circuit that draw .2A each which work perfectly...

Thank you for your replies...