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I am building a light up skateboard. Will having a deck made of acrylic with plywood affect the strength of the board? Answered

In order to accomodate the lights needed for my light up skateboard project, I wanted to case them in acrylic sheet, and then laminate plywood layers above and below. Would this provide the sufficient strenght needed for the skateboard. Thanks :)



5 years ago

A polycarbonate would be a better choice but you could probably pull it off if you put a mesh in the acrylic sheet. You might end up with a thick or heavy deck using acrylic.


Answer 5 years ago

Thank you. If I was to use polycarbonate, although it would provide much better strength than the acrylic, would it affect the light emitted by the EL wire? I have read that acrylic has a light transmittance of 92% compared to 88% for polycarbonate, and so I was wondering if these figures would affect the light transmitted by the EL wire that much.