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I am building an oil cooled PC but I need help Answered

Does anyone know how to filter it effectively to get rid off the fragance and the vitamin E? (well, baby oil's condutivity is 0 but I just want to effectively filter it to obtain pure baby oil ) (Note I leve in a remote location and the only cheap accessible choice is the baby oil and they do not carry any other) Your help is appreciated!



BTW, baby oil is mineral oil, with scent added....

and if you can find mineral oil in quantity, it's cheaper than baby oil...

the problem is finding mineral oil in quanity. mineral oil is used for two real things:
1) transformer oil at power stations
2) its a laxative for when nu-lax, metamucil and all other laxatives fail. obviously, this makes it very hard to get it a the pharmacy in more than 500ml jugs
the look i got when i asked for 6 liters at my pharmacy was just priceless
mineral oil also make your skin soft. i tried it to prove my point, and ended up with people drifting across the classroom to feel my hands, and say they were so soft.

it's also used for bringing out the color in woods. And protecting woods such as cuttingboards

I wouldn't last 5 minutes in a room filled with hot baby oil stink...Just the thought makes me a little ill...

the smell was gone, but my hands were very soft and gentle. i think that was the cause.

Would the fragrance and Vitamin E really make any noticeable difference in affecting its thermal cooling properties? Unless you have leaks in your sealed system and maybe if that stuff cooks as it heats up into a rancid smell, I'd give it a go to see if it really matters. I think most water-cooled PCs have an additive to color it and give it some anti-fungal/corrosion resistance properties.

those additives also: 1) make the fluid uv reactive (good for finding leaks) 2) changes its surface tension