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I am busy with DIY Electric Vehicle in Cape Town South Africa, I need some input? Answered

I am a Motor Mechanic for almost 30 years and I want to change to Electric Motor Vehicle. But I want to construct a Cheaper Method of ConversionI have already designed and configured my drive line to attain high speed using Low power input. I am using a light Motor for the Conversion AC 3.7KW Motor with 3.5 Amp Single Phase. I am also designing  the Alternative Charging Controlling mechanism to and input controller to top up the Batteries.  Using only 6 x  12v 100 am Batteries, I know its low but the Motor will be consuming such low power that it would not need extra Batteries.  Now my question What Electrical components,  Required  I am using a 12 v 1000 w Sinewave inverter, with wellsee power control  now setting up the Curtis Electronic Pedal for the variable drive, what mechanism can I use and disconnecting the power in high speed and switching to the alternative power source. Any suggestions.  


I wanna build an EV with my son. How far along did you get with yours?

I'm in Cape Town to - Milnerton

746 watts = 1 hp so you have some ides of how to convert a typical gas engine to the equivalent electrical power.

Your not going to get far with your planned battery pack.
electric vehicles need to be as light as possible.

You can design for speed or distance but not both.

In general electric drive cars are more or less direct drive to the wheels with electronic speed control to the motor.

If you want to achieve a similar performance to a gas powered car you going to need a motor in the Kilowatt range. This is going to need an equivalent battery pack to power it.i.e. Kilowatts. In general they use higher voltages to keep the current lower.

As an example
Typically an F1 car uses an 80hp electric motor and a 300+ volt lithium battery pack for it's KERs unit. (80 x 746=59680 watts)

Thank you so much for your input. As I have explained that I have Designed a Low HP System for the Drive train which is my own invention. Now I am busy with the Power System. The Motor using 3.5 amp equal to 700watts. Now i am using a 1000 w inverter I am not concerned with the Drive Train. The components necessary to supply the energy is my concern. And the switch to use to control the variable drive to alternative drive while in motion. Any suggestions??

Without knowing a lot more about your designs It isn't really possible to be very specific BUT 700 watts at 3.5 amps means your driving the motor with 200 volts (700/3.5). Really? That's some battery pack.

700 watts is slightly less than 1 hp. No matter what you do with the drive train you will NEVER have any more power then 1 hp. A human on a bike can put out 1/2 hp so your performance will be slightly better than a human on a standard bike. I get the impression your expecting more.

As I pointed out your going to need a motor in the region of Kilowatts to match a standard car performance.

Have a look at the instructables on the right for some information.

Power requriements are driven by the speed and load on the vehicle, basic physics. 1000W is less than 5% of a conventional motor vehicle drive train output.

I don't understand your system, or what you are trying to do.