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I am changing guitar strings myself for the first time how should I do this one at a time or all at once? Answered

I am doing this for the first time I just don't want the neck to loose tension. Is it ok to do this all at once I am wondering this and don't want to pay the 40 for the adjustment that I would have to do? Is there a place where I can take a course on tech stuff?


One at a time.

One at a time. Go in this order (1-6-2-5-3-4) The reason for this is so that the string tension doesnt warp the neck.

If just one is broken change it alone. if they are old then change them all. taking all of the strings off wont hurt any thing and it will give you a chance to clean the neck and check the frets etc... If you tune one string then take another off if changes the tension of the neck so you will have to retune any way. I change the strings. take them close to tuned then pull upwards at about the twelth fret then retune and repeat. Go to the Gibson website or any of the website on guitar maintenance.

I always do one at a time: remove the old string, put on the new one, tune it. Repeat... then go back and re-tune (wind and gently over-tighten a tiny bit, the strings have to stretch a little before the tuning will "take"). Depending on the guitar, removing all of the strings at once can throw the whole thing off and make that "40 for the adjustment" mandatory. One at a time is relatively painless.