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I am considering buying a budget vinyl cutter and wondering how intricate i will be able to cut small text. Answered

Hi, fellow Instructables members.
I am seriously considering buying a cheap cnc vinyl cutter to so all manner of things, mainly personalised gifts.
I need to be pretty certain that it will do the jobs that i require though.
I like the idea of using it to make stencils to use with glass etching cream to make personalised glasses, mirrors and stuff like that.
One particular item that i have seen on a popular auction site takes my fancy, please see the picture i have attached.

Firstly, is it worth buying a cheap vinyl cutter at all?
And Secondly is it likely that it will cut stencils intricate enough to make items similar to the picture?

Any answers or suggestions would be very much appreciated.


Dear Joe,

I´ve found a website which sells Vinyl Cutter in Europe. The Company is called Plotter-city. They have a Vinyl cutter Series called the TC Series. This device is able to cut out letters as tall as 0,5 Centimeter. The cut outs can be used marvelous for sand blasting. If you are seeking for a Vinyl cutter in America I would recommand that you check out US cut. They sell the same product.

Here is the website. You can translate the page in the upper right corner: https://www.plotter-city.com/schneideplotter-vergleich-hobbycut-vs-powercut/


5 years ago

If you're only occasionally needing something cut consider going to a TechShop (or similar place to use their equipment).

If you really want to cut your own stencils, then I suggest the Silhouette Cameo (*sigh* I have been lusting for one for quite some time!). They are sort of similar to the cricut, but they don't use stupid/expensive cartridges. You just hook it up to your computer (just like a printer) and instead of printing, it does all your cutting. The machine handles a variety of mediums including vinyl (in very intricate details) which would allow you to do your text. (From the link I posted, go to their "what can you make" page and refer to glass etching. :-)


Answer 5 years ago


Even inexpensive (read: damn cheap) cutters these days are capable of immense detail/precision, with the advent of cheap steppers and smarter drivers.
@author if doing more than a handful of any job it often starts to balance the cost of the machine divided by number of units. It warrants a quick calculation to figure where the break even point is (considering you own the machine to use/sell after)


5 years ago

The answer to your question lies in which system your looking to buy. If the system specs suggest it can handle the level of detail your looking for and the price is right then i would say it would be worth getting. If you are worried that it might not 'cut it' (no pun intended but it was the best way to faze it so why not) then make sure the store has a good return policy before you buy,