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I am having microphone troubles and I don't want to go to a repairman, what do i do? Answered

I was having some microphone troubles before and now I think it's gone FUBAR but I think i can still save it.

So i have a studio mic I use to talk with my girlfriend and it was making a bunch of static whenever I moved it around. I found that it's near where the chord comes from the mic and I tried fixing it by putting a straw in it and now the straw won't come out. It's not making any noise and I don't want to buy another 'cause I'm broke.

Can somebody please help me? It's a atus ATR 20 studio microphone. If someone can tell me how to take it apart I can just fix it from there


In the $30 price range, I wouldn't be surprised if it's glued.

Calling that a studio microphone is sorta like calling a volkswagon beetle a sports car....

oh...I didn't know how expensive it was. And I was able to remove the metal cage from around it. and that's all I could do.I'll get some pics up asap

If it's like many cheap dynamic microphones: Removing the metal wind screen will expose the cartridge (the actual microphone element), which is probably a cylindrical thing that nestles into the microphone body, with two wires soldered to it (probably to the side). If you shove the cable back into the microphone, you should be able to get enough slack to slide the cartridge out, still attached to the cable.

Note which color attaches where on the cartridge (though it may not matter in this case). Unsolder the wire and cut off the damaged section (ie, a bit more than the total length of the microphone body). Note what kind of strain relief they used -- might just be a knot in the cable at an appropriate distance, to keep it from pulling through the bottom of the microphone body -- and move it or replicate it on what's left of the cable. Strip the ends of what's left and solder them back in place.

Confirm that the microphone now works -- wiggle the cable to make sure there isn't more damage elsewhere -- and reverse the disassembly process to close the patient.


I got the wind screen off but I can't get the cartridge out. I think the straws aren't allowing the cable to get enough slack

Hm. Hard to give you much better advice without seeing that specific unit.

Is the body made out of two pieces? If so, then you *may* have to separate them. If you're lucky there are screws, though they may be hidden under labels.

Is it possible to have the cartridge unsoldered from the cord and pull that out?


1. A studio mic wouldn't directly hook into your computer... no studio will hook directly into a computer. Too much noise when you hook into a computer.

2. Studio mics cost $500-$30,000.

So... I doubt that you have a studio mic.

It doesn't look like that one will be too easy to disassemble, or even possible.