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I am in need of a K'nex set or two..... Answered

But I am unable to find anything within my price range.  
IF there is anyone out there willing to part with their set for cheap, I would really appreciate letting me know.
It isn't for me exactly,  it will be for someone I know, who I am SURE would love to build all kinds of things with them; she has AS and is very bright for her age.

THANKS for any that reply and a special thank you for any that have something they'd like to part with.   BTW:  She loves dinosaurs and such.....


Have you looked at Lego? Particularly the Bionicle range?

Well a LOT of the stuff I have seen, along the lines of dinos, has been high priced (near or over $100 and are mostly "pre-built" pieces. This young lady may one be 7, but she is like me at that age....rready to take radios apart and find out how they work :-) 

I have gotten her a Scopian,  so called 4-d,  puzzle for her to put together (it has a clear skin/shell so you can see the innards).   It too was on sale.

Her dad got her a "working volcano" from Discovery store, but it was pretty much unexiting.....soooo, I bought one too, since it was only $9 and I am going to "spruce it up" with some electronics (amps, lights, etc),  some sparks, and a bit of smoke and "background noise".    I hope to get that all together before spring when we can "launch it" at her house. 

I just have to be careful, in my enthusiasm to open up the world of science to her, that I don't step on her Dad's toes (to much).  :-)   

#2 son likes Lego kits, but only ever builds them once - they very quickly become raw material for his imagination.

You could risk buying her a generic set, and including pictures of dinosaurs in the box ...

She love dinosaurs and things having to do with anatomy and such, so one of the things I have settled on, that I hope she and I can do as a project is this scorpion model.

Oh, that's nice!

A (long lost) friend of mine got into science after mowing the lawn as a child - she accidentally hit a frog and sliced the skin neatly off its back. It died instantly, but she found the revealed set of organs so fascinating, she went into biology and ended up educating medical professionals on microbial science.

(Weirdly, that's twice I've thought about that friend in the last couple of days - I've now emailed her to apologise for forgetting to email her for far too long.)

That's good. I have lost way too many contacts over the years myself.

I am hoping she likes it......sometimes it is hard to tell when I don't have a lot of contact with someone. :-) Yeah, I am hoping she is inspired, since I didn't have such inspiration from my parents.

Hmmm, I might even be able to use some old mouse (computer mice) bodies for heads, etc. hmmmm.....I have a junk box of plastic parts that just may come in handy......at the moment, she is having difficulty stepping outside the logical "wiring" of her brain and use imagination...but it'll come. Once we "know enough" we can imagine some of the most odd ball things.

Like for instance, I imagined I could make a plushie from scratch (designing my own patterns etc).......that didn't work out so well....

hey i have more than 4 sets of knex and i might be willing to sell i also have alot of legos but they are not the compatible with each other if you are interested anybody can pm me and i will give more info.

Could they be used in the fashion I am looking for?


6 years ago

I'm sure you could fine some on a Ebay that involve dino's if theres even a set. Godd Luck Though

Well, that picture I have there IS a set from a place that sells them, but it is well over $50+ and I can't afford that. That velociraptor in the lower portioni of the picture is interesting looking.

50$ !!! thats waaay over priced mabey you should consider lego?


6 years ago

Looks like a Lego & K'nex pic to me.

Yeah, it was a "kit" advertised, so it is completely possible.

And I like the choice of green color.