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I am learning to solder and have a few questions. Answered

I am learnig to solder and I wonder if it was safe to use lead free plumbing solder or lead free silver baring (97% tin 3% silver) solder on rings and bracelets made out of copper and the like?

Second, has any one here know of people making their own solder. By that I mean meting down the tin, copper and silver then pouring and pounding flat?



It'll be fine

Should I use the plumbing solder or can I use the Acid core silver barring solder? If I use the Acid core will the normal Pickle and then wash it after procedure work? What should I wash it in? I was thinking about a Alum/vinigar pickle.


Use a high silver solder - plumbing solders don't have to be that strong, silver solders are much stronger

For yor first question you should be fine. For your second question, no I have never heard of anyone doing that but that doesn't mean it cant be done. All you should need for your materials is silver and tin (duh), and some sort of a led melting bucket that can get up to a high enough temp to melt tin.

That is what I thought, I did not know if there was some me metallurgical mojo to do it.


There is: the exclusion of oxygen from the melt, or the forming of expensive crud.


So if I wanted to combine a 90% silver 10% copper coin with the right amount of tin solder to make a harder solder could I cook it in a closed/lidded crucible, with some borax maybe for a flux? Once the coin has melted drop in the solder, stir and cover till cool? Let me know if I am talking crazy talk. The coin melts around 1700+ F and the solder at 400 F so dropping the solder in and mixing sounds too easy to be the correct and safe way.