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I am looking for a bra alternative. Answered

I have heard of chest-wrapping, which is very different from chest binding, where you take a long skinny piece of fabric and tie it in a specific way to create a little tube top to support the breasts and keep them locked in.

I have heard of the ace bandage trick but I would like a more elegant solution if anybody has one. So far, I have tried camisoles, leisure bras, underwire, going braless, etc... I do not want to get refitted or resized. I am looking for a non-traditional, non-American solution. Preferably, one that is an innovative solution or native to another culture.

Also, a good note is that I'm fairly small-chested and do not have to worry about the "uni-boob" problem.


No experience in this area of design but it seems to me a long scarf behind the neck crossed over the front and tied behind the back should do the trick.

Rick, I have a long scarf that I have tried tying a number of ways. Each time I've found that it's just too short to really be effective. I think I need a cloth that is at least seven feet long and possibly longer...

I too absolutely hate wearing a bra and alternatives I too am seeking! Not got far on my quest yet but will return here with the information when I find it!!
love ruby

Hi Ruby,

I was in the same boat as you. I hate wearing a bra, and the bra alternatives did not work for me. Out of frustration, I created my own garment, then had it professionally made (my sewing skills are not that great!). It works so good for me that I decided to sell it. I named it CamiShades, and it is a loose fitting camisole with removable bra cups. It does not contain a shelf bra, as I cannot stand tightness around my body, so it is very comfortable to wear.

Please take a look at EdenStreetApparel(DOT)com and let me know what you think!


Hey Ruby,

I know how you feel! I hate wearing bras too and finally found something that works for me. It's called BreastNest. Hope it helps you too.


You can try any of these configurations

As for length that sooo much depends on your body type it is best answered empirically.


Thanks so much. I'll give some of these a try. The X patterns, are those supposed to be a back view?

Well I'm American so this may not work for you. The use of ones hands to help lift and seperate seems to work very well, at least according to Mrs Redneck, and I really don't mind helping in this way at all. In fact I really enjoy it.

I feel that you may want to specify a bit better when or where you want an alternative. Is this for everyday wear or for special occasions? Under a certian type of outfit or for everything you wear?

Have you tried duct tape? Or even pasties? Band aids? Altoids tin? Well ok maybe not the tin.

Sir, I have most certainly tried the "hands on" method. However, I find it impractical seeing as I have only two hands and two breasts. I have also thought to ask my significant other but I find that all too often he gets kicked, poked or otherwise mauled in the process of trying to follow me about.

I have tried ace bandages, ace bandages covered in duct tape, band-aids and I just don't like pasties. I have even used scope caps in an effort to conceal nips.

But really I'm looking for a supportive solution to wear under most casual wear. As I mentioned, a method of wrapping with fabric would be ideal but I have not yet found any measurements for the length of cloth nor wrapping techniques. I know that such a thing exists because people verify to me that they know someone who is done it but are never able to give me details.

I see thanks for the clarifcation. I have a thought that I remember seeing some TV show many years ago (don't remember much of it or what show sorry) that may have touched on the subject. I believe it was on India or China, not that thats much help, but you could look for old undergarments by these types of people. Polinesian (sp?) islanders would be another one that would be good to research. I know this hasn't been much help but its all I got.

Every little bit helps! Thanks for the input.

Are you a career engineer or professional tinkerer?

I'm more of what you would call a self taught tinkerer with a active imagination. Redneckengineering was the PC wording for what my friends and I did growing up. Now its called tinkering.


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It's not every new member that bras it all the first day :-)
Take a look on the right side of this page please,
There may be something even your significant other might find comforting
which I believe seems, what your dual search is all about :-)


Fortunately I'm not the type to be embarrassed by such a subject. I know many women are trying to find innovative solutions to the bra problem. If I could find a solution and share it with other women I'm sure it would gain popularity.