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I am looking for a casting material for a mold made from a textured sheet Answered

I made a latex mold off a piece of textured sheet.  The mold is 24x24x1/8 inch. 
I want to make castings that are flexible and paintable, so I can make "sheets" I can shape into roads for miniature terrain.

I have heard there are paints or surface finishes that will work for this, and if this is true, I'd like brand names from US sources.


Not if you paint them with a release agent. It's actually worth trying in a safe area because I doubt it will stick to the latex anyway - depends on a lot of variables.

Grease, oil various propriety release agents may work.

Never done this but I would try standard acrylic paint - Or here are thick paints available that are used to cover over cracked ceilings.

There are vinyl paints available that could be used for the purpose. You'll have a curing time to deal with, but the output should be flexible. I am guessing, but I suspect that coloring agents could be added to the paint to save the second step.
I don't have any brand names to share, but you might find what you need by checking with the major manufactures.