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I am looking for a rotating carousel or display, battery operated, variable speed. Answered

I have started paining glassware.  I have an "artist's turnstyle" that has clamps to hold the glasses in place.  The base turns, but manually turning it leaves a lot to be desired in the quality area.  I thought about taking a Lazy Susan, adding rubber to the outer edge, and then place the Lazy Susan next to the turnstyle.  I could continuously spin the Lazy Susan which would in turn turn the turnstyle.  That might work for one or two glasses, but too many of them would cause callouses on my fingers, and the speed would vary.  My son suggested his K'nex motor and make a motorized small wheel to mount next to the carousel.  Sounds good, but does not have variable speed.      My husband wants to take a small motor and control the speed  with a foot pedal.  That would require me to concentrate on the speed, not necessarily the painting.  So I turn to the gadget makers for some suggestions or instructables.     


I have been seeking something similar myself and as an alternative to building or modifying something myself, I have been eyeballing this badboy- https://twitter.com/JeremiahToller/status/73532124...
It holds up to 100lbs and ranges from 1-10 rpms.
There are plenty of others, some far more expensive, others far less, but out of what I have discovered this is the one that I feel is the best value and actually want for myself.

If I end up hacking something to perform the same job, I will certainly notify you and make an instructable of it.

Old record-player?


My thought exactly. Replace the motor with a small dc motor and use a variable power supply or maybe an old train transformer. Set the speed and forget it.

I don't quite get what is wanted here?


I understood they wanted a rotating platform to put round glassware on so they could rotate it and paint lines on it.

If you can control it with a foot pedal, you can control it with a knob.