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I am looking for a simple and easy way to make slipcovers. Answered

I really need to find a way to make simple but nice looking slip covers for my couch and matching chair. The inexpensive ones you see in stores that you have to fight to put on and again after someone gets up, with just aren't a bargain. I can sew simple strait line sewing like a small square baby quilt, however, I'm just no good at much else. Any suggestions?


I just did this! I used a sheet set I found for $7.50 at target. It took all day for me and my mom. but we're sort of perfectionists. Anyway: - the bottom can be pinned to the bottom of the chair. To keep it tucked in under the cushion, get some old magazines. Roll them up and shove it into the crack really far, on top of the sheet. The cushion can be done like you are wrapping a package, and pinned on the bottom. As for the arms, there are a couple options: Figure out where you want a seam, pin and chalk that, take it off and sew it. *Get the chalk out before you put it on the chair for real* Maybe you can just tuck/roll the extra fabric away. Or, for a more drapey look, you can leave the extra and like use ribbons in front of the arms to gather it. You can also like pleat it and pin that from the inside as another way of gathering. (My mom did those in the past). For a couch, you will probably need to sew 2 sheets into 1 long one. Think about if the other fabric will show through, you might need two layers. Also it will probably be a lot harder than you think to figure out the 3Dness of it all, if you sew it. but it is still worth it!


8 years ago

I've said before to a similar query;-don't sew at all. Just choose a nice material and tuck away,-and pin at the base.