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I am looking for an off-the-grid power source for a Bi-Pap machine so that we can go camping. Answered

We are also in a rural area where power outages are a problem, so we need a back-up power source for the machine at home.? My fiance uses a Bi-Pap machine for his sleep apnea, and we need to figure out a way to make this more portable. We have a campsite where generators are not permitted. In theory, we can use a batter & inverter, but still need a way to charge the battery. Others have told us that a truck-type battery will last one night.



9 years ago

I use a portable car battery jumper unit. I made a small female to female pig-tail out of an old extension cord. My C-PAP unit can run a few nights before the battery needs recharging.

. How long do you need to run the machine between battery charges? How much power does the unit use? . A solar charger should work, but only when the sun shines. For this application, I'd look at using your vehicle's electrical system to charge the battery. Solar when available; gasoline when not.

The machine would need to run at least 8 hours between charges. As for power usage, this is what it has on the back of the machine: 100-240 V 50/60 Hz 12V AC 1.0 A max DC 4.0 A max Solar's not really an option because there's a lot of shade around our campsite, but I hadn't really thought about just using the car to recharge the battery.

. Since the unit is set up for 12VDC operation, there is no need for an inverter. An inverter wastes power and is just something else to break.