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I am looking for help building a USB gong Answered

I would like to send a message to a remote computer and have the computer bang a (real, not just the sound) gong. Anyone know how to do this? I am especially interested in the USB to relay connection and software to signal the relay when it rec'd an SMS or email. We are willing to pay to have it built. Jamie Roche 415 505-0284


I would get a hobby motor (or other, depending on the size of the gong) and rig the mallet to that, then the computer could just activate the motor.

Most gongs need to be "warmed up" before being struck. Besides, a computer would never put out the required amount of power, you'd have to put a relay in there.

I think he's referring to torque (amperage) ;) There's very little current available to provide the first taps (warm up) and then a large hit with a decent amount of force.


11 years ago

Is this for one of the show and tell events?

Sure. I would be delighted to sponsor someone who wanted to build this for us.