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I am looking for ideas on the best way to make a Solar Garden Light replicate a 4ft lightouse light. Answered

I bought a cheap 4 ft wooden lighthouse and want to add a solar powered light in it. It doesn't have to be bright, infact I don't want it to keep the neighbors awake. I just want to buy a cheap solar garden light, and make it flash for say 5 seconds on and off. or if possible, make it appear to be rotating by having it repeat the pattern(soft, bright, soft, off, off) I saw a nice schematic for that somewhere, but it has been a while since I messed with building circuits and I'd rather try and keep it simple. Any ideas, also is the solar garden light the way to go, or do you have something better. Looking to do it all for $15 max. Also, I would like to add 2 switches, one to bypass the photo cell and showcase it during the day. and the other to turn the whole thing off.



9 years ago

Have you looked at this?

don't know about the last part, but you could buy one of those police lights (the red ones that have the rotating mirror inside) and actually make it rotate.