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I am looking for instructions for big ball machines? Answered

I would love to try and build a big ball machine, but I find it hard to build one my self. I am looking for instructions to build one. Can anyone help.



2 years ago

that'll be hard. I suggest getting the pieces and building one yourself. I think it is more fun to do that than to follow instructions because you get to make up your own stuff to put on it, rather than follow instructions. If you still want to follow instructions, k'nex makes the Big Ball Factory set, and the newer style Motorized Madness set. Look for them on knex.com or if you want a good deal, ebay.com. Good luck! :)


7 years ago

i may post the ball machine i have upcoming in about 2-3 weeks

Presuming you're asking about knex because of the category...I don't have any specific other than the factory blueprints for the 'big ball machine' -- Typing in the search box "ball machine" gets you some neat stuff.