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I am looking for the easiest way to convert my iTouch into a phone Can anyone help me, or, direct me to a link? Thanks! Answered

Hello All,
 I am in need of some type of a conversion program, or(?) whatever will work, hopefully not to hard, in order to allow me to use my iTouch as a phone. I've been told that just buying headphones with
a microphone, would do it but I don't see how? Has anyone out there found an App one can download, or any other type of program??

 Appreciate any/all answers or suggestions,


It depends on the Itouch you have. I personally know someone who has made calls though skype on the new 4g. I also know that I have no hope of calling anyone on skype with my first gen.

I have heard of people installing Skype.

Can be instaled yes, but has no mic/speaker (maybe the jack is compatible for i/o)...

Something like one of those hands-free sets that is an earpiece with a mic half way down the lead?

I don't think the headphone jack supports audio in -- must be through dock connector.

You'll need a good microphone, and then you can install skype and run it off wifi.

Find someone who'll buy your iTouch, use the proceeds plus additional cash to buy an iPhone?

You need a jailbroken iTouch and there's a mod you can get that fits around the phone to add microphone, speaker, vibrate, and sim card slot.

Google 'convert iTouch to iPhone' and you'll find what you're looking for. 3g and 3gs only. It's about 100 dollars.

Strikes me as far more trouble than it's worth, especially given that a separate phone can be had for $25 or less... or for free if you're willing to use a phone someone else retired after upgrading.