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I am looking to buy an Arduino, I want a good quality one, which one should I get? Answered

I have C-language knowledge, and am looking to buy an Arduino, and don't want to have to buy another as I progress.  Which is the best deal?


Cheapest is to get one of the kits, or maybe the hack-it-yourself versions described in places such as -- yes -- Instructables. Whether that's "best" depends on how much you trust your electronics assembly skills, how much you care about being able to plug in "shield" cards, and so on.

The whole point of the Arduino platform is that the various Arduinos are more-or-less interchangable. Some have more or less memory, some are faster or slower, some help you a bit more with pre-configured IO, but software for one should work on any.

Best is whichever fits your particular needs. For me, best included small physical size given what I'm planning to use it for. (Not that I've had time to actually solder the beast together yet.)

 I found the Arduino Duemilanove to be very good.  It is also pretty strait forward, and good for more involved projects.  

For me, the best one would be the fastest with the most I/O, and most memory (in general), but as you can see from Ork's reply, we all have different metrics for what's best...We can agree on this...It all depends on what you want to do with it. Honestly, if I only had a tiny space to apply it, I'd skimp on I/O for space savings...the target determines what I'd actually use for a specific app, but as before, for general use I'd spend up front for the most bang.

It doesn't really matter which arduino you get, it just matters how you are going to use it (aka don't abuse it)