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I am making a kitty tunnel, And I need some way to shape it that way it'll stay up? Answered

I'm making a cat toy, Something similar to this one: www.supercoolpets.com/pictures/tunnel.jpg But without the kitty embroidery, paws, etc. I need to find a way to keep it up, my cats get scared when they are being covered, like in a blanket. She has went to the bathroom once on my fabric cause she thought it was too dark/scary.



Best Answer 8 years ago

You could also use metal coat hangers.  Cut them up and form them into rings, then stitch them onto the fabric tunnel.

Try using K'nex

i mad a kitten palace with cat toys and tunels and everything

You could try slicing a cardboard concrete forming tube (i.e. Sonotube) into rings, but  Gearhead's plastic tubing suggestion would be lighter and more compact.
If your cats don't like enclosed spaces, what are you making the tunnel out of? Just curious.

try plastic tubin' that you can buy from most any hardware store ,  you can do it as a spiral or cut it up and make rings like a hula hoop ( just not that large )