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I am making a new ball machine. Could anyone help me with elements to put in it? Answered

I already have two chain lifts, plan to make a rollerball lift, and maybe a big arm lift.

Also, does anyone know of a substitute for tubing that the rollercoaster car can ride on? I am running out of the bendy rods that the tubing goes on, and don't know if i even have enough tubing.


just search knex elements and you'll get a whole lot of good instructables, I think it would be difficult to find an alternative for tubing...


8 years ago

If you just want to make turns, you could use the yellow turns. (from the Extreme guide to Knex Ball Machines)



i think i may have an answer for roller coaster car tuing...i'll put it up soon...i can get to it tomorow (since i keep my knex at my grandparent's house and i go there tomorow).

I'm sorry if I'm bugging you, but did you find an alternative?

 yeah but i completely forgot about it, and did't take pictures yet,i will on sunday though