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I am not able to connect my setop box with tv tuner card Answered

Hi, I am a retired person and my main passtime to surf and do something with the computer.I have connected with EZ view TV Tuner card. I have connected my cable to view the tv shows. I wanted see some pay channels. So i got a setop box. The setop box has got RCA output. That means two audio cable and one video cable. I connected the output cables to the tv tuner card. But no channels are coming. I have made a request to Mercury .com who is the authorised site for EZ View. The model is 5801T. I have not received any reply. Can you help me to solve my problem. I am not a computer expert. regards. I am afrom India.


Thank you vry much for the solution. I obeyed your solutions and suggestions. Now I am ble to connect both from setop box and coax cable using splitter. I have to change the mode only to view through setop box and cable. Kindly accept my sincere thanks for sending me the solution immediately. Kindly continue your good work for educating us.

Thank you very much for your prompt reply. I connected the wires as advised by you. There are three option for the source Svideo, TV Tuner and Composite modes. I changed the source to the composite and i am able to see the channel in the pc monitor. But i am not able to scan al the channels. If have to view another channel, i Have to change the channels in the setop box only. I am not able to scan all the channels and change it as i was doing without connection of the setop box. If you can enlighten me in this regard, i am much obliged. regrds Bala TV

Connect a splitter to your coaxial cable and run them to the set-top box and the card. This will allow you to view the pay channels with the box in Composite mode and all other channels through the card's tuner.

Refering to the attached image, you should connect the video RCA connector (yellow) to the AV port. The other two connectors (red and black) need to be passed through an RCA to stereo jack adapter into the Audio Input port. With that connected, you need to adjust the receiver software's Video source. You will not be able to adjust the channel with the card's remote.

Picture 1.png

BTW: The Video Source select is the upper-left button on your EZ-View remote.

. Two guesses. . Are you sure that's not an output on the tuner card? . You may have to select the proper input in your software.