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I am quitting instructables effective this week. Answered

Just kidding. 

You better comment if that scared you a bit or you actually believed me.  I will give 9000 interwebz if someone actually pissed their pants or shouted "NOOOOOOOOOOOO"


If 'ibles had a 'like' button...

This ain't facebook, bucko. Though I would love to have a dislike button.

They should have a 'dislike' on Facebook...

They have a like button for comments on Youtube, which I think was smart.

You kind of spoiled the surprise by posting forum topics after that.

You do realize this was posted like a month ago right?

Oh but imagine the fun if you had remained silent all this time, people would have really fallen for it, you gave up the punch line much too soon.

well this did get alot of views.. and i clicked it. i was just seeing if you were leaving too

Lol! I didn't see the "Just Kidding" even though it was underlined! I was just about to write NOOOOOO! But then I looked at the comments and no one was sad. Then I thought 'Wow no one likes you' but then some comments said there was a "Just Kidding". So I looked and there it was.

It was in boldface too. See, this is why pull off stuff like this. There is always that one noob who completely misses the topic and forgets an important detail like this until it is too late.

Don't forget the masses that then sighed again, at sheer frustration of another wasted topic.

Its almost as bad as one of those 'har har har, post REANDOM stuf heere' topics.

Oh shut it. My love for British people is ever decreasing...

Post a silly topic, get a silly reply.

I wonder why he only ever gets silly replies.....Not really, I don't.. Other than "What narcissistic pointless twaddle is he posting now", I don't think of him at all.

And I wonder why you go poking fun at little 14 year olds when you're all grown up and supposed to be better than that.

Being cruel to younglings is ones of the few pleasures we oldsters have left...

(Although you do make it a bit too easy sometimes...)

Well now we finally have an explanation for the increase of child rebellion in the family household.

(That's what she said...)

Wow, things are starting to get quite harsh around here... *sees shadow* *retreats*

You love me?

Awww, I never knew.



8 years ago

Nothing like sheer disappointment..

Nothing like getting your thread r@ped by a troll.


Hm. Nice try. I'm Jewish, I can lie and detect one from a mile away.

Lol, i was a bit scared when i saw it.


8 years ago


JK : )

expected/10 Your ego must be starving by now, huh?

Actually no, this was a joke I made because 2 knexers announced they were quitting in the past week.

you managed to scare the crap out of me for a second! congrats

I was thinking.. "Huh, wonder why?" That's not to say I didn't care, just wondering why. I was actually thinking of all the different reasons why you would leave.

I said Hooray in my head when i saw the title

phew i thought you were for realPr

I raised one eyebrow and breathed in heavily :S dont do that lol

LOL! That actually fooled me for a sec. I was actually about to reply but then I realized the "just kidding". Here's what I was writing lol. Really? I hope your joking because I think that almost everyone is starting to leave now. SA21, KGB, me, you, KF, Oblivitus doesn't really post much anymore, and I think that now that so many people are leaving more will follow and leave the rest with almost nothing. If this isn't some prank, are you just leaving ibles or also KI?

Are you leaving too? Jesus its like a friggin VIRUS

Nah, it was my gas. I'm 100% sure.

Lol, my mouth dropped open when I saw this! I was like, no, DJ can't quit!! Then i clicked and then saw that you were kidding.