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I am searching electronic project for academic, snuggest me if any ? Answered


Sigh, Is it a feature of Foreign students that they a) don;t ask their tutors for help b) seem to not wish to think, research or try to help themselves.

vague questions like this are the worst kind of research you get better results from goole.

This is a typical feature of students nowadays (including my teenage children) of maximum potential students that want to perform with minimum effort.

Don't we all - But I guess maturity makes you spend at least a while thinking.

What I don't really understand is I used to spend hours with my A level students looking at projects, interests, reviewing their plans to make sure they were possible. Isn't this happening any more?


6 years ago

Keep searching, I wish you well with your quest.
Snuggle is a brand of fabric softener.

Ask your tutors for what fits best with what you have studied.