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I am so bummed out! Answered

I am so bummed out! I just had to format my laptop memory because the file ntoskrnl.exe got corrupt! I lost so much data that I had! Including Photoshop 7. My laptop wouldn't boot up, so I asked Dell about it, so I had to format it!


That's why I back up my data to CD once a month. My Documents and Bookmarks, plus a few other files, all still fit on one CD, if I leave out the music library, which is all ripped from my CD collection. I've had this computer for 16 months now (yeah, it's ancient), and I've reformatted the hard drive twice. Fortunately, I had just made backup CDs both times, so all I lost altogether was a six-page essay the first time (I'd already handed it in-phew) and some pictures I'd taken of a conjunction of Venus and the Moon. I also keep a running list of every program I have installed on the computer, including Firefox extensions, to facilitate the recovery process after a crash.

At least you could do that. I have had 3 HD head crashes in the past with older machines, and lost everything on the HD, including the OS, with no backups. I know how you feel. You just have to pick up and go forward....

I know. The first machine I ever had go belly up was an IBM 8088. Even though there was only 10 meg on the HD, I had hundreds of floppies worth of data, and the "new) 286 could not read them. It was all worthless. Those were the days when I had to write a little Assembly program to "park" the heads so they wouldn't drop to the disk platters when powered off. Those were kind of the glory days though. When Computer magazines were chock full of program code....*sigh*. Sorry.....drifted off there for a bit. :-)