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I am stuck again. Answered

Well, I made the mistake of using the words "chainsaw" and "whack" ,(although I would do it again!) in a new instructable and it is still hung up in the filters. The thing is I got it submitted on Dec 30, the deadline for the outdoors contest but it is still stuck. Now voting ends today, the 2nd and I am not even in the mix so I am wondering are you going to accept entries that made the deadline but missed the voting because they were stuck in never never land? I just always have to make things more complicated.  Maybe that's why I like whacking trees with chainsaws, its pretty straight forward in its execution, although there is a lot that can go badly. Hmmm, execution, now I bet that is a word that would get me back in never never land also.  Tinkerbell is just never around when you need her.

Yumm, Tinkerbell !



Why would those words make an Instructable get stuck in the filters?

I think it's because they sound like they could be related to malicious intent, since "whack" is slang for killing (or hitting) someone (so, based off the tags, it could appear as though the instructable teaches you how to kill someone with a chainsaw to the filter.) This would cause the filter to flag the instructable.

It may not have been those words - the filter criteria are kept pretty secret, so that spammers can't work out how to get around them, but they are not based entirely on single words. Combinations of certain words, certain links or kinds of links, many things can trigger human intervention.


I think I've thought of a (possible) way to get around that...

If you think of a way, let the development team know...

So remind me to never make an Instructable on how to use a chainsaw to mill a bloodwood tree... :)

As long as you got the "received" email before the deadline, you're in the contest.

Even if you miss the judging by being filtered, there is still a chance you'll make the final, as around half the finalists are chosen by staff.