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I am taking a survey so if people could please answer the questions that i am going to put underneath in the description Answered

I am also going to put the questions for the survey here.
1. Are you doing anything to help stop pollution? like what_____________________
2. Do you know what pollution is doing to the environment?
3. If you are doing something to help stop pollution why?
4. If you aren't doing anything to help stop pollution why?


As time goes by we will run out of oil etc. I think many governments are using the green/save the planet argument to move us to solar/wind/wave power.
In time they will cost less than oil methods to produce energy simply because oil prices will continue to rise. So even if global warming is not man's fault we will have to go that way in any case. So as for me all I can say is I will try to save myself and my family the expanse as far as is possible. No-one else will do it for us or for you.
What a sad sad world we live in.

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This would get more answers as a forum topic.

Thank You for the advice i will try that.

1.. I have changed out all lightbulbs to Compact Fluorescent in my house.  I insulated my attic.  I put in new windows in house.  We bought the smallest cars we could live with that each get 30mpg.  I am working on ideas for airconditioning my house using Underground cooling. 

2.  yes.... we hear about it ALL THE TIME on tv.

3. Because it is the christian thing to do. And because it saves me money.

4. I am 55 years old.  When I was in high school, they told us all the rivers would be polluted by the year 1990... and all the oceans would be dead. All forests would be gone.  As a young person, this is very upsetting isnt it?  While i believe it is IMPORTANT to not pollute, I also believe the environmentalists are pushing their global warming LIES on our society.  I think it is worth being cautious about getting TOO fearfull over these issues especially for younger persons succeptable to media propaganda.

The young are not the only ones susceptible to propaganda.

1. Our house recycles, I grow vegetables to reduce food miles, I try to buy fruit/veg/meat from as close as possible, we switched to energy saving bulbs.
2. I'm aware of what COULD happen if we continue being so wasteful.
3. I think it's the right thing to do. I don't like the amount of "stuff" we just bury and forget about, it seems right to recycle and reuse things.

1. all lightbulbs are energy friendly whatever you call them. I seperate plastic, paper, cans, glass and plastic bottles. All my cars are max. 1,4 liter. I also keep lights turned off when Iam not in the room. Both refrigerators are working on mode 0 or mode 1 only.
2. pollution can rise temperature and CO2 level.
3. Because costs are cheaper and fines are expensive
4. ---------------


8 years ago

1.  I ride my bike to work every day.  I recycle.  I don't take long showers.
2.  Yes.  It's giving everyone cancer.
3.  Because I can't not do something.  Also, I have kids.
4.  N/A

1. Yes.  I turn most of the lights in the house out - most all the time.  Piles of other stuff too.
2. It causes homework.
3. Because I like the environment.  It's sexy.
4. N/A