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should i make a big daddy suit? Answered

i'v been thinking about making a big daddy suit, should i?


Yes yes you should.

Even if there was no kitemans law (thou shalt post) I would highly recommend making an instructable :D

But know that it will be a tough project to tackle.

Volpin did one, construction photo's here: volpinprops.blogspot.com/2009/09/big-daddy-bioshock.html

And his is just a piece of art. Do note that he spend huge amounts of time and effors (and money) in to his so know before you start!

Now don't get me wrong I would love if someone would make this and put instructables up but I don't want you seeing halfway through the project giving up because it was to much work.

The way I do it every time I think of a project I want to build is make up a plan what needs to be made and how I can make it. Then write that down and see how much time and money each one will cost. If after making that plan you are certain that you can pull it off then you can start. If it seems like to much trouble perhaps you should ditch the idea or do something easier (I always wanted to know how to make one of those splicer mask for example)

So plan and see if you can pull it off. Also don't forget you need to know how to work with the tools you'll need.

I would love it if you made it. And making an instructable like that will surely make alot of other members look at your ible to.


I have seen that website before and the guy is a genius. I got some ideas from him and I have had about a month's worth of preparation. My sketch book looks like DeVinci's note book. lol. I am planning on making the body out of paper mache. It shouldn't take to much money. Same concept as Mr. Chris but a heck of a lot cheaper and maybe not as big. But I guaranty that it will be a serious jaw dropper. Besides I could probably make one better with my eyes shut. I estimate that it would take me about 2 months since paper mache is a long but good process.
Thanks MichelMoemans, for the encouragement.  :)

Nice! Sounds to me that you have taken plenty of preparation and planning time. And in the timeframe of two months you could pul it off :)

I look forward to see your project :)

i have decided on making something else but still equaly impresive. the big daddy is going to be put aside for a while. what i decides to do was to make the suit of Spartan-052 or Jorge, which cool enough is my name. the reason why i switched was because it looks more challenging and funner to make. plus, i like Halo better then Bioshock, but i'm not saying it sucks, and Reach is coming out 9/14 and it is possibly the last game, i decided to dress up like a Spartan which is something that i have never done, which is odd since its my favorite game series. I apologize to all those how were antisipating this project. the guy from volpinprops has the basics laided down. just change it up abit. though i didn't make it, i can give advise from my plans to who ever needs it.