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I am thinking of making a precision stylus for my LG marquee phone and my Acer Iconia tablet. Answered

My fingers are too big to easily type on the virtual keyboard. I like the fingertip style, but I want something that is functional, not kitchee like a pen wrapped in tin foil.
will the copper foil used in art glass projects work? Is there a conductive paint? How small can the tip be?
I do not have a drawer full of arcane electronic parts.  I will have to buy new materials in mass-market stores.
(I recently moved, no drawer of nubbies or left overs.)


I have 2 commercial stylii. I keep one with my tablet and one with my phone. The 5-6mm tips are not much better than my fingers. I need a 3 mm stylus.

Why not buy a capacitive touch stylist? You'll probably spend about as much gathering the materials to make one yourself. $15 isn't a bad price for something that is already made.

Or you can look along the right hand side of the page here and check out some of the home made solutions others have done.