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I am trying to cast a large "sawdust" object? Answered

I am attempting to create large molds/casts of trash bags. the goal is to create a life-size trash bag made of sawdust. I'm not even sure where to begin. i'm not sure if i could create a mold of a bag somehow or if i could fill a bag and go from there. i know wood glue won't dry in a large mass, so i'm not sure what materials i should use. 


There is a product in Australia call timbercrete which is a mixture of sawdust sand and cement. Its pretty cool stuff and is more like wood to work with than concrete. You can cut it with a wood saw and drive nails and screws into but it looks like cement or stone. You could try making your own, I don't know the amounts, but it would be cheap to do a few test batches.


And I though there is a reason why people use polystyrene for bigger projects instead of saw dust.....

That's a very interesting project... You might try filling the trash bag you're trying to model with some random stuff so that it holds the shape you want. Then plaster the bag with paper mache and let that harden once the paper mache has hardened you could try to remove the stuff from the bag and then take the bag out. Once that's done I think you would be able to put a layer of some combination of wood glue and sawdust over the paper mache. Alternatively, if you wanted the bag to be "closed" you could fill the trash bag with air and tie it off and then use the same process except the final product would have a plastic bag inside it. I hope I'm not being super confusing. Good Luck!


7 months ago

Is this going to be eventually set on fire at Burning Man next year ?

Do you need the "bag" to be open?

Are you aiming for the same wall thickness as a real trash bag?

Do you expect this to be flexible or just free standing?