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I am trying to find instruction on how-to build a wall bed or similar ideas for space saving. Answered

My husband and I bought a piece of land with a converted garage into an efficiency apartment - so we are thinking of living in there while we save up money to build an actual home on the property. Any ideas on how to save space and still have all the necessities?



6 years ago

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Murphy bed.

You can buy the complicated mechanical bit on-line.



6 years ago

There are so many resources nowadays that are devoted to the subject, but since you're only looking at this from a temporary standpoint, I would start by taking an inventory of what you actually need for the time being. Book shelves and cabinets are nice in theory, but if you don't actually need to display all your nick-nacks and a full library of books, they might be better left in boxes for a while. Same goes for a lot of kitchen appliances and baking dishes. It's much easier to store only what you need instead of enough dishes for 15 people...

If you're starting from scratch with some things, look at furniture pieces that can serve multiple purposes; such as additional cube seating that doubles as storage bins. Perhaps a coffee table that converts into a larger dining table or roller storage bins that hide under your bed. Things like nightstands can float off the wall instead of having everything on the floor, just like a TV can be installed to the wall instead of using a TV stand along with multiple stereo components.

A desk (or additional work surface) can be achieved with MDF and a piano hinge attached to a wall with a bracket that you can attach/detach so that the table surface lays flat to the wall when not in use.

I think after you've figured out what your necessities are, and the square footage you have, you may be able to see what solutions would work best for the space.

If you still want a "wall bed", do a search on Google for a "Murphy Bed". There are many designs, and some free plans available; but you'll be the one who needs to decide on which concept you like that can also fit in the area you have to work with.

I hope that helps. ;-)