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I am trying to make a gravity water system for some chickens, how ever, its not working and Im not sure why. Answered

Ok the first one works for dogs and cats The second one is for chickens The others are what I have tried and they dont work Why? I know it has to do with the vacume and the vent hole in the bottom of the pan. The short bucket has one 7/8" hole and it overflows till it reaches the top of the holding container. The tall system has 5 of these holes. Both have lids and should make a very tight seal. so what gives


Make sure that there is a vacuum holding up the water and it should work.

The depth of water in the outer area may be the key. It may not be deep enough to form a good seal. Glass or good plastic jar type things work better than metal containers, as there is no seam to worry about leaking. I've seen 5 gal carboys, (water cooler jugs), rigged to water chickens like your talking about. A smaller neck size close to were the water comes out at the bottom of the container will help too. Plus when things are transparent it can be easier to spot troubles. Hope I help you some.