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I am trying to make a pair of Night Vision goggles, Looking for ideas for a screen, any sugestions? Answered

I have been toying with the idea of a cheap pair of night vision goggles, i think i have found most of the parts, i just need a screen and im still lookin for ideas for a camera, but i am goin to go look around at a few places a friend sugested. But i do need a screen i can eisily wired, i googled it and they all had weird plugs, anyone have any ideas?


I thought about the whole using a cellphone, but i didnt want to use my own cell so i would have to find a cheap one online and use that. and R.A.T.M if that question is targeted twords me, not lookin for somethin too big (i was going to use a pair of ski goggles as my base) and not looking to spend a whole heck of alot, cheaper the better but nothin more than $120-150. As for my skills, still in need of improvement but my uncle is a electronic engineer and said he would show me what i needed to know

Do you have a modern cell phone in your pocket? There's your screen... Don't believe me? Turn on your camera and shine a TV remote into it. It picks up the infrared LED in the remote. Just about any digital camera will do this as well. In fact, the expensive cameras are the ones with IR filters on them.
Funny you bring this up, I've actually been thinking about making an instructable for just what I'm describing: night vision goggles with a cell phone modded into it for its cheapness.

iv made them before but they consume so much power to power the infered leds

Well, your cell phone has its own batteries... All you need is some in the headset to power the LED's. That way, you pull your camera out when you're done. Heck, if you're smart enough, you can make an app that gives you a head-up-display while you're using it. I know I can't though.

i know but it kills th battries but u used 3 larg infareds in stead if 10 small ones

what size i have a couple ideas but a cople questons

what size
what price
what are your skills on electronics and sodring