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I am trying to make an insole system to measure body weight. Which sensor would work best other than FSRs? Answered


How are you coming along with this. I want to develop such a system also. Maybe we could work together?

I doubt anyone will have tried to do this exact thing so your not going to get a "best for" answer BUT suggestions:

Force gauge

Pressure sensor with a bladder insole

distance measurement over the top and bottom of the insole

QTC - Ill give you a link for this as it is an unusual smart material.


Your welcome - They are quite interesting I got a free sample to play with when they first came out. Resolution may be a problem for you but they may have different products. They do say for weighing.

Best answer?? :-)

I was going to suggest QTC as well, but it occurs to me that the highly variable size, irregular shape and constantly-changing load-pattern of the human foot would make an insole device hard to build and use.

Might it be better to design an accelerometer-based device that clips to the shoe? It could measure the speed and impact of the foot hitting the ground, and translate that into a mass. You'd probably have to create a baseline, collecting raw data from a range of people walking in a range of ways, but it would (should) eventually result in a device that is easier to mass-manufacture (since you wouldn't have to have a range of different-sized devices for different-sized shoes), and would probably be more marketable as well (since folk like clip-on gadgets, especially if they talk to their smart-phones).