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I am trying to power 32 amplifying circuits; each one requires ~18V but they do not draw very much current. Answered

The setup will be placed in a light tight box so I would like to employ some sort of power rail to minimize the number of cables in the box. Does anyone have any ideas? I guess it would be similar to that of a power rail in an atx psu.

BTW: The circuits are fairly small. (1" x 2")



Use IDC connectors, and run ribbon cable round. Use 10 way IDC connectors to your boards, which can be unplugged.

If you can manage to make them function on 12V then an ATX power supply modded would be just the ticket. 18V you're going to need a suitable wall-wart or it will start getting expensive.

Well to be honest, price is no matter. I believe molex can make custom cable assemblies, but I would prefer to make my own if possible. The circuit must have at least 18V because that is the bias voltage for one of the components. Thanks for the suggestion though.

Molex can definitely do custom harnesses (we used them for the BaBar drift chamber HV, carrying 2 kV at a few uA), but you ought to be able to do it yourself.

If you need "at least" 18V, but can handle more, then what about doing a pair of 12V supplies wired with opposite polarity. The >~ 18V component could then take -12V and +12V directly, assuming it doesn't need common ground.