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I am unable to open corrupt MS Excel 2010 file? Answered

I cannot open corrupt excel file because of virus attack or malware affection, I have corrupted workbook.

How to get back corrupted MS Excel file.

Any help.



Best Answer 4 years ago

Community of
enthusiasts must aid you- http://www.filerepairforum.com/forum/microsoft/microsoft-aa/excel/481-%E2%80%8Bexcel-files-corrupted

How to Recover
Corrupt Excel Files

  • 1.Launch
    Microsoft Excel using the Excel executable icon or through the
    "Start" bar.

  • 2.Click
    "File", "Open" and an Open window will pop up. Highlight
    the file that is corrupt by clicking the file just once. Click the arrow to the
    right of the "Open" at the bottom of the window. Select the option
    "Open and Repair."

  • 3.Select
    "Repair" when the window directions prompt you. If Excel is unable to
    repair the file it will give you the option to "Extract Data." Pick
    this option and save the new file. If changing the name of your file be sure
    that all calls to this file get changed also.

  • 4.Try
    saving the file in HTML format if Excel stops responding while working in the spreadsheet.
    Select "File" then "Save as Web Page." A new Save Window
    will pop up.

  • 5.Pick
    the option "Entire Workbook" in the new window. Click "Save"
    and close the file. Reopen the new HTML file that you just closed, by selecting
    "File" and "Open." Wait for the file to completely open and
    then do a "Save as Type" and select "Microsoft Excel

  • 6.Rename
    the file to a different name so not to overwrite the old one. Some data may be
    lost by saving as HTML but at least the entire file will not be lost. This same
    procedure can be used to recover files, but instead of saving it as HTML you
    save it as XML Spreadsheet format.

Otherwise apply
Excel Repair Toolbox

How it works, see:-


2 years ago

An easy repair option is for minor file corruption while advance recovery option is used when the simple repair option fails to recover the excel file. Excel file repair tool recovers all excel files from your computer system with entire data.

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2 years ago

You can use third party Excel Repair Software to fix Excel file corruption issues. It is complete solution to repair and recover corrupt MS Excel File and make them accessible without any data loss. To know more and download the Excel repair tool, visit- https://www.datarepairtools.com/excel-recovery.html


2 years ago

Get Kernel for Excel recovery software to easily recover complete data from corrupt MS Excel 2010. The software supports the recovery of data from corrupt XLS and XLSX file of MS Excel. The software also supports the latest versions of MS Excel (2016). To get the software to recover your corrupt data, visit: http://www.xlsx.excelfilerepair.org


2 years ago

If you are unable to open your excel file then it means that the excel file has been corrupted or damaged. So, in order to fix them, you can try the above mentioned steps or if even are following the above steps you are unable to repair the file then you can also try third party tool like MS Excel Repair Tool. This tool will help you repair corrupted excel spreadsheet easily in just a few steps. For more information, please visit:



2 years ago

If You are unable to open MS Excel file that mean your excel file is corrupted. So don't worry for this situation you can fix this corruption issue from MS Excel file using third party Excel Repair Tool. This tool is effectively repaired .xls/.xlsx files, data items and save them in new accessible file format. If you know more about this tool you can also download free trial version from here:



3 years ago

Fix corruption issue from Excel file data items using third party Excel Repair Tool. This tool is effectively repairs XLS and XLSX files ata items and save them in new accessible file format. For more information and download this tool visit here- http://www.datarepairtools.com/excel-recovery.html


3 years ago

If you are unable to open the Excel file, then there are chances that excel file has become corrupt. You can follow the steps mentioned below to repair and extract the data from corrupt excel file.

1.On the File tab, click Open.

2.In the Open dialog box, select the corrupted workbook that you want to open.

3.Click the arrow next to the Open button, and then click Open and Repair.

4.Do one of the following:

oTo recover as much of the workbook data as possible, click Repair.

oTo extract values and formulas from the workbook when an attempt to repair the workbook is not successful, click Extract Data.

In this way, you can open the corrupt excel file. If you find the above-mentioned steps complicated then you can open the corrupt excel file with the help of MS Excel Repair Tool. Using this software, you can easily fix the issues related to excel. For more information, you can visit the web address mentioned below:



3 years ago

Checkout this globally used result oriented Excel File Recovery Software. Download the free trial version to see the preview of recovered data.

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3 years ago

You can enjoy simple user experience with this Excel RecoveryTool which can easily brings everything back in Excel file without any issue. It can recover all the objects without any kind of issue with layout, formatting and other properties. It is capable to recover back formatting of charts, charts defined by user, worksheet properties, rules, numbers, formulas, shared formulas, texts, etc.

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3 years ago

Kernel for Excel repair tool is a powerful utility to repair corrupt
Excel xls & xlw files. It can scan the corrupt files and recover
your data in them as much as possible. It is integrated with Windows
shell, supports drag & drop operations, and command line
parameters which will make you repair files easily and quickly. For
more information visit here : http://www.recovery.excelrepair.org


3 years ago

If you can’t open your
excel file and Excel spreadsheet is corrupted, then you can recover
your original excel file by using Excel File Repair tool, its
designed particularly corrupt, damage,or virus attack MS Excel
files. This utility maintains original formating,constancy and
structure of the recovered data. For more information click here : http://www.recovery.excelrepair.org


4 years ago

If your Excel file is corrupted then it can show many errors messages on your windows when you try to open it.

These errors are:

"The file is corrupt and cannot be opened"
"error in module 1"
"unspecified error"
"undefined reference"

These type of tools is available free trail demo on the internet so download fix any errors and repair your MS Excel file.

One such tool link has been provide below to check whether your database is recoverable or not, if you are able to view your files in preview mode then go for full version and save your word files.


Download its Free Trail Demo: http://www.mannatsoftware.com/stellar-phoenix-excel-repair.html


4 years ago

You might try to open it with LibreOffice.